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Staff augmentation services

The only resource you need to find is the right company

We aim to help businesses in upraising their performance, efficiency, productivity and attaining their core objectives at a minimal cost.

Dedicated Resources

Our Augmentation Scope

From design, development to regular operations of a mature product, our team has got you covered.

UI/UX Designers

UI/UX Designers

Software Engineers

Software Engineers

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Data Scientist/Engineers

Data Scientist/Engineers



Augmentation Cycle

Pathway To Your Next Hire

We take care of all kind of services for you, no matter how complex, to ensure that you achieve your business goals without any blockers.


Share your requirements such as the technology stack, and experience required to help us understand your needs and to come up with the best possible match.

shortlisted candidates

Our team identifies suitable candidates and shortlists them based on your requirements, typically, within 3 to 7 business days.


Conduct interviews with candidates shortlisted by our team to make your final decision.


Sign a final contract with mutually agreed terms and conditions and start onboarding your remote resource.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum contract duration is 3 months for resources with experience in common tools/ technology stack. However, a longer contract duration may be required if you require a resource experienced in niche tools/ technologies.

Yes. We are already working with clients requiring NDAs.

Hourly rate of resources can vary widely depending on experience, technology, industry,working hours etc. Our team will discuss expected rates based on your requirements during our initial correspondence.

We recommend monitoring the overall output of your staff instead of worrying about managing hours.However, if required, clients have the right to ask their hired resources to install time tracking/ monitoring tools such as Time Doctor at clients’ expense.

In any case, if the overall performance of your resource is unsatisfactory, please let your Customer relations manager know so that we can immediately look into resolving the issue.

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